Why Our Candy is Special

Grace and Lily2

Our youngest daughter, Grace holding Lily, one of the first two kids born on our farm.

Angel Food Candy is owned and operated by the James and Angeleen Umfleet family on our small Newberg, Oregon farm, Angel Acres. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens and a pair of comedic alpacas who guard our precious herd.

What started as a fun experiment making caramel from our own goat milk at the request of a friend has turned into an unexpected, wonderful business adventure.

Though the goat milk aspect of our caramels has had to change to organic, grass-fed cow milk, the creative and fastidious nature of our endeavors remains the same!

AngelFood_2016 (4 of 20) [Desktop Resolution]Our entire family is involved in every aspect of Angel Food Candy, from developing recipes and hand-making each piece of candy, to packaging, marketing and selling our labor of love. Angeleen is the Candy Artisan and manages the business.



The mission of Angel Food Candy is to create truly outstanding candies with care and devotion using the purest ingredients available, sourced as close to home as possible.

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Angel Food Candy caramels are flavored with reductions of actual fruit juice, dark ale, wine, espresso… whatever the case may be… or organic, food-grade essential oils.  Since we use real food to achieve the flavors in our caramels, the taste of each has the complexity to build, change, and develop as you eat it, and sometimes keep going even after it’s gone. This just doesn’t happen with extracts and artificial flavorings.

All of our candies are gluten-free and made with organic ingredients. They are enrobed in only certified organic, Fair Trade chocolate and crowned with whichever fine, exotic sea salt, or other edible gem, best enhances the uniqueness of that particular caramel.


Peanut Butter Super Food Truffle


Like all of our candies, Super Food Truffles are made with intention and purpose from the most pristine, wholesome ingredients we can find. The unique aspect of this product is Super Food Truffles are GOOD FOR YOU! Yes, you read correctly.





Even the boxes our candy comes in are different. Our packaging is designed to not only look like the highest-quality IMG_0598product that it is, but to also respect the environment. We chose hinged metal tins that encourage people to reuse or refill them. We love to hear all the stories folks tell us about what they put in our empty tins! It’s gratifying to know they continue to enjoy and make use of the product into which we have poured our hearts and souls, long after the candy is gone.

To us, Angel Food products are more than just candy. Each one comes from our hearts so we like to call them, “little love bombs.”

We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we adore making them for you.


~Angeleen, James, Anna and Grace  O:)